88. A Different Point Of View

from “Very”, Pet Shop Boys, 1993.

One of the first of Kuala Lumpur’s sights that we saw was the Menara KL Tower, mainly due to the act that it was visible from the hotel room. As it had an observation level it of course earned a place on our itinerary, though the Petronas Towers were a higher priority. But with the Petronas Towers done, and with the slightly disappointing views from there, we decided that the Menara KL Tower was going to be a much better option for getting a proper look from above at Malaysia’s capital city.

Menara KL Tower – as seen at sunrise from our hotel, the Sheraton Imperial.

The Menara KL Tower is the seventh tallest in the world, and is located in the midst of the KL Forest Eco Park, a place we visited a little later in our time in Kuala Lumpur. Despite the tower’s relative proximity, we still got a car there as the only approach was up a long winding road after firstly braving the very busy and not so pedestrian friendly local area. And so just a few minutes later we arrived at the Menara KL Tower on a very bright and sunny morning.


We were amongst the first of the day’s visitors to the tower and as the tower wasn’t too busy either so we had bought our tickets and were whisked up to the outdoor observation desk almost before we knew it. This deck provided an almost 360 degree view although there was a section of it that was out of bounds for some reason. And, as part of the observation level, are two Sky Boxes: glass cubes that extend beyond the level of the deck – you know, with glass floors to look at the ground far below!

Menara KL Tower – one of the two Sky Boxes, situated on opposite sides of the outdoor observation deck.

Thinking that the queues for the Sky Boxes would only get longer, we decided to do both of these first before spending more time looking at the overall view of the city. We were obviously in experienced observation deck company as there didn’t seem to be anyone ahead of us baulking at standing on the glass floor. Rather the main delay were those taking endless selfies, many of whom seemed barely to even look down through the glass floor once inside. Of course we preferred pictures of our feet and what was below.


Menara KL Tower – all together now in a high pitched voice: “We’re walking in the air!”

With the glass floors suitably walked on, it was time to wander around the observation deck and get a good look at Kuala Lumpur.



Menara KL Tower – in the distance you can see the rocky outcrop that is home to the Batu Caves.





Inside the tower amidst the gift stalls and other information was a map of towers across the world that are part of the World Federation of Great Towers (website here). Looking at the featured towers we can see we’ve done a fair few of these already but there’s evidently plenty more awaiting us on the road ahead.


The Menara KL Tower was definitely one of the best observation decks we’ve visited on our travels, and the gorgeous clear day only made this a better experience. If you really want to see Kuala Lumpur properly from above, we think you should visit the Menara KL Tower not the Petronas Towers.


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