92. You Keep Me Hangin’ On

from “Another Step”, Kim Wilde, 1986.

For our last day in Kuala Lumpur we thought we would take things a little more sedately and elected to spend some time looking around the KL Forest Eco Park. This covers the hill – called Bukit Nanas, or Pinapple Hill – atop which the KL Menara Tower sits.

KL Forest Eco Park – there it is on Pineapple Hill, as seen from the hotel room.

The KL Forest Eco Park, covering 9 hectares, is one of the oldest permanent forest reserves in Malaysia and the only stretch of tropical rainforest within the city. It used to be bigger but urban development and the KL Menara Tower have encroached on the forest somewhat. However, it has recently seen the addition of a 200 metre long canopy walkway to encourage visitors, providing them with an aerial view of the treetops and the city beyond.

Time to get the insect repellent on, the walking shoes ready to go, and explore.

KL Forest Eco Park – ah there’s the walkway. Um, how do we get up there?
KL Forest Eco Park – hello again KL Menara Tower.




Philip took great delight in making the walkways go bouncy-bouncy, thinking it would be scary – he’s a very naughty boy. It worked on the Kuranda Skyrail in Australia many years ago but it doesn’t work any more after conquering vertigo on the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb, so there 😛







KL Forest Eco Park – hmm, wonder what those strange bobby-danglers are?


This is a great bit of green space to explore and hopefully the forest will not shrink further due to urbanisation. With free entrance and opening during all daylight hours, the KL Forest Eco Park is a wonderfully peaceful way to spend a little time away from the city and get back to nature. Just the kind of relaxed end to our visit to Malaysia’s capital we wanted.

Goodbye Kuala Lumpur.


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