93. Holding Out For A Hero

from “Secret Dreams and Forbidden Fire”, Bonnie Tyler, 1984.

So we are back in Bangkok and taking a brief hiatus from moving around every month. While the travelling is great and we are really enjoying seeing lots of new places, after a year on the road we decided to take a break and stay in Thailand for a while. Hey, we are not getting any younger and in this case a rest is as good as a change 🙂

Geeks that we are, we spotted the ads for the Thailand Comic Con 2017 on the Bangkok Skytrain, which is definitely the kind of nonsense we enjoy and an event that we’ve not experienced before. Hosted at the Paragon Hall in the Siam Paragon mall made this very easy to get to, so we rounded up a few of our fellow gamers from Battlefield Bangkok and arranged to meet up with Aaron, Conrad, and Matt to see what it was all about.

Matt was planning to come along in cosplay as Thor but was unfortunately overruled by Mrs. Matt and so we didn’t get to explore the venue in the company of the mighty Asgardian 😦 Still there were plenty of others dressed up and they were very popular with people looking for photos.

The entry tickets were 100B each so not too bad and with two large halls of stands and vendors there was plenty to keep your average geek happy for a couple of hours, and here’s a few pictures of what we saw.

TCC 2017 – milling around outside looking for Aaron, Conrad, and Matt.


TCC 2017 – no not Godzilla, definitely nothing like him, oh no.


TCC 2017 – Gundam! Ooh quite takes us back to the Gundam Front in Tokyo. Ah, happy days.
TCC 2017 – this is how you were supposed to be dressed Matt!
TCC 2017 – can we keep him? Please?!


TCC 2017 – now this lot were charging to have a picture taken. Bugger that for a game of stormtroopers.
TCC 2017 – come on sing along now: “In your satin tights… fighting for your rights…
TCC 2017 – no idea who the band was or what they were singing but we enjoyed it anyway.
TCC 2017 – there’s always someone photobombing my shots! 😛
TCC 2017 – mind where you’re sticking that, love…
TCC 2017 – the Power Rangers have really let themselves go in recent years…
TCC 2017 – come on Philip this is the guy we have to fight if we want to get out to the toilets…

The Thailand Comic Con 2017 was good fun as our first event of the kind, despite opinion that last year’s Comic Con was better. Maybe we will catch the next one in 2018 and can compare.