What’s Going On

from “True Colours”, Cyndi Lauper, 1987.

This is a travel blog for Rob and Philip’s journeys around the world now that they are International Vagabonds, homeless global nomads, and generally gentlemen of leisure.

Hong Kong 2004 – a couple of stunners in this “blast from the past”.

We’ll post updates on our travels, the things we’re up to, and the weird and wonderful stuff we see and do. Think of it as a digital postcard, or perhaps just that we’re too lazy to send actual postcards to everyone. Actually we will send the occasional real-life paper postcard but only if you’re lucky and on our special list.

So stop by occasionally, or sign up for email notifications using the “Follow” button on the left, and see where we currently are on Planet Earth.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the blog page titles are songs in our CD collection that somehow capture the theme of each post.

Be seeing you.

Rob and Philip


2 thoughts on “What’s Going On

  1. Glad to hear your having a great time- lovely photos, enjoying the musical references. Looking forward to reading the next chapter.


    1. Thank you for dropping by – We are currently in Chiang Rai (not to confused with Chiang Mai) on a lovely resort called the Meridian the only 5 star resort in Chiang Rai which is a very sleepy town.

      You would think I would be very rested but no I am absolutely knackered! Although the gym here is fairly crude it is enough for me to begin weight lifting again. When we return to Bangkok in 2 days time I have a full scale gym lined up because we will be staying at an AirBnB condominium.

      The next stop is Japan for three months starting with Tokyo, then Kyoto, then possibly Osaka which all have very cheap metropolitan/municipal gyms (run by the government for about 1.5 GBP per day) after that plans are undecided.

      I am also swimming every day in the 40 degrees heat and sun shine, and of course sunbathing.

      It’s all very exhausting!


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