1. All Over The World

from “Xanadu”, Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), 1980.

So sang ELO, and that’s where we’re going to be, or at least that’s the plan anyway.

As some of you know we are now – as of March 2016 – renting out our Hampstead flat, and this coupled with the on-going rental of the Bangkok apartment at The Park Chidlom, means we are effectively homeless (sad face). If all goes to plan with both tenancies then that means for at least the next 18 months we be travelling “All over the world!” (sing it Jeff) visiting places old and new.

With bags packed, including whizzy new “4-wheel drive” cabin luggage trolleys, we arrived at Heathrow on Tuesday 29th March 2016 with a one-way ticket to Bangkok to start the travelling. We began with Bangkok as it was an easy option, a familiar and simple start to the big journey.

But we will go somewhere new, promise. In fact it’s happening quite soon.

So Mr A380 take us away from Ye Merry Olde England for now and off to distant horizons.